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The Need for Mourning 03.21.2018
The Need for Mourning

Mourning…is there an art to it or is it something that happens automatically? And what is the difference between grief and mourning? Grief refers to the reactions and feelings we have from experiencing the death of a loved one. Mourning is the ...

Life at the Kline House 03.21.2018
Life at the Kline House

Every day at the Kline Hospice House is busy, filled with lots of activity, laughter, and memories in the making. We consider ourselves blessed to share many sweet moments with our patients and families. One gentleman told us he’d just have to ...

The Importance Of Being Present 03.21.2018
The Importance Of Being Present

Volunteering isn’t always about interaction or action. Sometimes, our patients are not very responsive, participative or communicative. They might be sleeping a lot or simply unconscious. Compassionate presence volunteers have one simple but ...

Celebrating National Volunteer Week 03.21.2018
Celebrating National Volunteer Week

Forty years ago, President Richard Nixon declared the first National Volunteer Week to recognize Americans who give of their time and talents to benefit others. This was the same year, 1974, that the Connecticut Hospice – one of the first ...

Helping Hands 03.21.2018
Helping Hands

Grief support takes various forms at Hospice of Frederick County, but it is all available free of charge to anyone in the community who is grieving—regardless of how or when the death occurred. After Linda Williams’s husband died suddenly ...

Furry Friends Bring Comfort 03.21.2018
Furry Friends Bring Comfort

Studies have shown that pets can have a naturally therapeutic effect on humans. Pets can help lower blood pressure, decrease muscle tension, and reduce stress. Hospice of Frederick County agrees that animals bring comfort and joy to our patients. ...

Medical Matters: Hospice Care in the Nursing Home 03.21.2018
Medical Matters: Hospice Care in the Nursing Home

When a patient has a life expectancy of six months or less, hospice care in the nursing home is covered by Medicare Part A. However, there are several hurdles to accessing this care. Taking a look at several examples will help to illustrate these ...

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Living in the Moment

Living in the Moment

Mar 2018
Most people would never guess that Adele Carey was 90 ...
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The Need for Mourning

The Need for Mourning

Mar 2018
Mourning…is there an art to it or is it ...
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