Support Groups

Ongoing Groups

Grief Support (evening and daytime)
This group is designed to provide support to individuals who have experienced the death of a loved one. Participants can share their stories and express their grief. Being with individuals who have had similar experiences and feelings allows sharing and healing to take place.

The following support groups are offered at various times throughout the year:

Grief Education/Support Group (1-3 months after the death)
A closed-ended support group that focuses on providing knowledge and insight into the grief journey. Through education and supportive communication the many difficult and unexpected emotions that you may be experiencing are normalized. Participants are taught coping skills and ways to process their grief moving forward.

Parental Grief Support Group
A closed-ended support group open to parents who have experienced the death of a child of any age. The purpose of the group is to help affirm parents and to help them understand that there are many ways to grieve with no set time tables, rules, boundaries, or protocols, while also providing a safe space to share painful thoughts and feelings and feel connected to and supported by others grieving the loss of a child.

Spousal/Partner Support Group
A closed-ended educational and emotional support group for those who have experienced the death of a spouse or a life partner. The focus is on issues relevant to the process of grieving a spouse or significant other. The bond shared by two people who have decided to share their lives together is unique and profound; so too is our grief when we lose our partner. This group provides a space in which people can come together to share about their loved one, learn coping skills, and expand social support.

Traumatic Grief Support Group
A closed-ended group for those who have experienced the death of a loved one from a sudden traumatic death: homicide, suicide, or accident. The grief that results from a traumatic death is particularly difficult. This group will offer education and insight into the characteristics of grief of people who have experienced a traumatic loss, but it will also provide a safe and comfortable environment in which to share your grief.

Overdose Support Group
This support group meets the first and third Monday of every month and is for any adult over the age of 18 who has had a loved one die because of an alcohol or drug overdose. We offer this group support to help you address a variety of issues through sharing of stories to increase social support, learning coping skills to guide you through your grief journey, and finding ways to memorialize your loved ones who have died.


Coping With the Holidays Workshop
The holiday season can be difficult under the best of circumstances. Add to that the cloud of sadness when facing the holidays without a loved one for the first time. The holidays can provoke anxiety, bouts of depression and other emotional reactions. This workshop provides some practical ideas to help cope with the upcoming holidays and learn ways to commemorate the death of your loved one.

Grieving a Suicide Workshop
This workshop will provide education on some of the latest research on suicide, society's role in prevention, as well as helps for dealing with the grief from a loved one's suicide.


Annual Remembrance Service
Each year, Hospice of Frederick County hosts a non-denominational Memorial Service for the families and friends of loved ones who have died. Hospice staff and volunteers join with the families and friends to celebrate the lives of these individuals.

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