Funeral Homes


  • 7606 Old National. Pike,
    Boonsboro MD 21713

Davis Funeral Home & Crematory

  • 12525 Bradbury Ave
    Smithsburg, MD

Hartzler Funeral Home

  • 404 S. Main St.
    Woodsboro, MD
  • Rte. 26
    Libertytown, MD

Keeney & Basford Funeral Home

  • 106 East Church St.
    Frederick, MD

Molesworth Funeral Home

  • 26401 Ridge Road.
    Damascus, MD

Myers-Durboraw Funeral Home

  • 210 W. Main St.
    Emmitsburg, MD

Resthaven & Crematory

  • 9501 Catoctin Mountain Way
    Frederick, MD

Rollins Funeral Home

  • 110 W. South St.
    Frederick, MD

Stauffer Funeral Home & Crematory

  • 1621 Oppossumtown Pike, Frederick
  • 40 Fulton Ave, Walkersville
  • 104 E. Main St, Thurmont
  • 8 E. Ridgeville, Mt. Airy
  • 1100 Maple Ave, Brunswick

Thompson Funeral Home

  • 31 E. Main St.
    Middletown, MD

Williams Funeral Home

  • 100 Petersville Rd.
    Brunswick, MD

Additional Resources

State Anatomy Board: 410-547-1222

The State Anatomy Board uses a body that has been donated for the purpose of medical research and education.

The Anatomy Board assumes immediate custody of the body, so there cannot be a funeral service with the body present. However, the family may elect to have a memorial service at any time.

The individual must pre-register to have his or her body donated. Next-of-kin or medical power of attorney cannot register for another person.

Cremains can be interred at a dedicated gravesite in Sykesville, MD. If they are returned to family, the cremains may not be very complete, and it may take over a year Cremation is paid for by State Anatomy Board.

Anatomy Gift Registry: 800-300-5433

The Anatomy Gift Registry uses tissue for the purpose of medical study.

Similarly to the Anatomy Board, the Gift Registry assumes custody of the body upon death. Again, the body cannot be present for a funeral service but the family can have a memorial service at any time. Registry may be by the individual, and also by next-of-kin, before or after death. Cremains are returned to next-of-kin, sometimes within a month. Cremation is paid for by Anatomy Gift Registry.

Emergency Assistance: 301-600-2417

Limited funds are available through Dept. of Social Services to cover funeral or cremation costs very specific circumstances. Recipients must apply for eligibility. Do not make funeral arrangements with a funeral home prior to calling DSS. DSS address: 100 East All Saints St. in Frederick.

Crossings: Caring for Our Own at Death: 301-593-5451, or

This is a resource center for after-death care alternatives, educating the family to act as funeral director. This is legal in Maryland but not in all states.

Veterans’ Benefits: 301-600-2155

Call to learn if a veteran is eligible for VA assistance with burial cost. Veteran must have discharge papers available when making the call, and there are other factors necessary to determine qualification.

Other information:

The website provides a great deal of information for consumers.

Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

This is the Maryland state agency that regulates funeral homes and crematoriums which are operated with a mortician.

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