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We rarely—if ever—talk about how we want to live out the final phase of our lives. And yet talking about it is the best way to ensure that we can meet one of the most difficult times in life with grace, dignity, comfort and the satisfaction of having our wishes honored.

When an individual chooses hospice, his or her care changes from cure-driven to comfort-based, also known as “palliative” care.  An individualized care plan focusing on managing symptoms, easing emotional and spiritual pain and honoring personal choices is built around the patient and family’s preferences, priorities and values.

Because the progression of a serious illness affects everyone, the hospice concept of care encircles the entire family unit. We provide medical, emotional and spiritual care to the patient while also supporting his or her family and friends. Loved ones often tell us that hospice gave them back a sense of control at a time when they felt most powerless.