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The Music Never Stops

Posted in: Community

When Noel Lester began playing the piano at age 4, a deep love of music blossomed. He became a concert pianist and taught piano at Hood College for 37 years; eventually becoming chairman of the music department.

Noel possessed not only tremendous talent and passion, but also intelligence, focus, and drive. So, when he suddenly started forgetting names and jumbling words, his confusion was particularly noticeable. What his family first hoped was normal aging, turned out to be something far more insidious: a rare and fast-growing type of brain cancer called glioblastoma, for which there is no cure.

Although he knew that his life could now be measured in months, Noel’s wife, RoseAnn, says that he “was incredibly accepting of his diagnosis.” When they learned that there were no good treatment options, they called Hospice of Frederick County. “He just wanted to enjoy the time he had,” says RoseAnn, and they knew that Hospice would help him, and their entire family, do that.

RoseAnn says that it was “a relief” when Hospice got involved. A nurse came to the house to check on Noel and bring prescriptions, and Hospice brought other medical equipment to make him more comfortable, including a hospital bed and table, a wheelchair, and oxygen.

RoseAnn says that she knew she could call Hospice with anything, at any time. “To have that peace of mind,” she says, “knowing that somebody was accessible, at any time of day or night, was huge.”

In the early morning of November 17th, Noel died at home with RoseAnn by his side. The Lesters are so grateful for the care they received that in Noel’s obituary they asked that donations be given to Hospice of Frederick County. “They went above and beyond,” says Noel’s son, David; “We really couldn’t have asked for better care.”



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