Coping with a life-limiting illness or sorting through the feelings that go with losing someone special are some of life's most difficult challenges. If you are struggling with either situation, we can help.

At Hospice of Frederick County, we offer a unique approach to care for those in the advanced stages of life-limiting illness. When quantity of time is no longer possible, we focus on quality of life. We strive to treat the whole person, and view the patient and family as a unit. By managing symptoms, easing emotional and spiritual pain, and honoring our patients' and families' priorities and personal choices, we assist individuals to live out their remaining days in peace, comfort and dignity, while supporting those they love as well. Our patients and their families often tell us that our unique approach to their care gave them back a sense of control and a different kind of hope for the future.

We encourage patients and families to call us as soon after diagnosis as possible. Obtaining information early helps people understand the role of Hospice, and gives everyone the facts they need to make an informed decision in the future.


                                                                Tree of Rememberance 

                             Celebrate Your Loved One This Holiday Season with a Personalized Snowflake 



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The holidays are a time to celebrate loved ones, especially those who have died. Join us in remembering those who are dear by visiting one of our Trees of Rememberance. Beginning November 27,2017, Trees of Remembrance can be found in the lobby of the Hospice office at 516 Trail Ave , Suite C, and at the Kline House. Visitors are invited to personalize a snowflake and hang it from the Tree of Remembrance. When hanging your snowflake, be sure to remove one of our complimnetary ornaments. 

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